the local youth theatre ensemble

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be allowed in with the camera on the final rehearsals for the production «Pippi» by Fantefølget, a small theatrical ensemble at Bryne, Norway. Their rehearsals the day before the public performance had some glitches here and there, and I’m sure a photographer crawling around at all times can be quite distracting, but the young girls took it all very professionally. None of the images are staged, they’re all taken «live». There were noe setup for photograhy, they just did their stuff, and if I missed the moment, then the chance to get that shot was gone.


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first photo expedition

This summer I went on an trip to Båstnäs, close to Töckfors in Sweden, where there’s a huge car cemetary i the middle of the woods. The place is a really good location for photograpers, it’s surreal beeing there in the woods wondering how on earth somone got the idea of having all these cars piled up in the middle of nowhere – cause that’s what this place is! Then I was wondering how someone managed to actually get all these cars out here, and of course the obvious: shouldn’t this area have been cleaned up to avoid pollution of the environment? I’m glad it wasn’t, cause this special place has it’s own, calm and relaxing atmosphere – and tons of photo-opportunities. I took off to the right, just a couple of kilometres after I crossed the border between Norway and Sweden at Ørje, and drove what must have been about 25 km straight into the woods, mainly on dirt roads. The setting is just as from a movie, or like a step 50 years back in time just by crossing the border….

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web page, finally...

So here we are then, the camera and I. After having spent hours, weeks and months wondering where and how to make a web page - it's finally out there! Don't quite remember how I stumbled upon this site, but it sure makes it easier for guys like me to get a web page running. When I'm stuck wondering: "How on earth do I do that?" or "How can i possibly make that look good?" it just ends up being so much easier than I thought! And the templates....., I found the perfect one!!! Oh, and I do remember how I got to this place; I googled around looking at other fotography sites, and one of the hits was this girl at I guess it's quite obvious where I got inspired...