the local youth theatre ensemble

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be allowed in with the camera on the final rehearsals for the production «Pippi» by Fantefølget, a small theatrical ensemble at Bryne, Norway. Their rehearsals the day before the public performance had some glitches here and there, and I’m sure a photographer crawling around at all times can be quite distracting, but the young girls took it all very professionally. None of the images are staged, they’re all taken «live». There were noe setup for photograhy, they just did their stuff, and if I missed the moment, then the chance to get that shot was gone.



At first I started out with the Canon Ef70-200 mm f2.8, but realising I had to get closer and switch to the EF 50 mm F1.4 to get the best images.

Today I went to see their show, and I’m glad to say they nailed it! All the nerves and minor errors from yesterday were gone, and their performance was flawless!


I’ve picked a few of the best moments in the album «05: Pippi 2015». Enjoy!


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