The Camera And I

so here we are then, The Camera And I...

This is the new home of my Canon EOS 6D and me, Jens Budsberg. I started out taking pictures of showjumping horses and riders around 2013 (with my EOS 550D), and went on to other motives from there. I'm not a highly skilled photographer, but thank God (or Adobe) for Lightroom/Photoshop and the RAW file-format - so I can fix a lot of the things I do wrong when the picture is taken. Hopefully the errors get fewer and the quality of my work higher, but as long as I'm learning and I enjoy it I'll keep on!

Because of the amount of images produced, I will still be publishing most of my horse images only on Facebook. Check out if youre interested!

Contact & Feedback

Feel free to contact me or leave a comment in the feedback-section. If You are interested in buying an image, just send me an email. It's a nice way of funding new gear for me, which means more joy and better images! Prices will be fair and reflect that this is not my livelihood. Any contact or comments can be in english or my native tongue: Norwegian. 

Comments of commercial nature or by offensive character will be deleted.

Copyright & Permission To Use

Note that all images on this webpage are my property and may not be used without permission. You're welcome to contact me if You wish to use an image found on this site. You can either buy the image You want and the right to use it, or ask for the right to use it - if there's a justifying cause for it You might just get it!

Images posted here have reduced quality and a watermark, but highres versions are made availeable upon a sale or along with permission given.